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IFR is one of eight UK institutes that receive strategic funding from the Biotechnology and the Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC).

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Food & health
Gut health
Food safety & security

Our Aims

IFR aims to fulfil a UK and international leadership role in delivering: Fundamental food & health research. applied and translational research in food & health for societal benefit.

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Industrial biotechnology & agri-food waste
National Collection of Yeast Cultures
Food Databanks

Our Science Strategy

Our science strategy aims to understand the working of the intestinal tract, how food-borne bacteria can cause human disease, and how the chemical and physical nature of our food.

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IFR's Impact
Science in society
Working with industry

Training tomorrow's scientists

Training food and health scientists of the future is an important part of IFR's mission. IFR is a partner in the Norwich Biosciences Doctoral Training Partnership Programme.

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The trouble with Campylobacter

The publication by the Food Standards Agency of specific retailers' levels of Campylobacter bacteria on chicken meat has brought the issue back to the forefront of consumers’ minds.

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IFR announces test for detecting horse meat

Scientists at IFR have developed a fast, cheap alternative to DNA testing as a means of distinguishing horse meat from beef.

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