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In September 2012 the Institute of Food Research opened its doors and an estimated 1,700 people took the opportunity, over two days, to learn more about the exciting science being undertaken at IFR.

This was a unique opportunity to wander around the Institute of Food Research, talk to its scientists about their work, follow trails and take part in competitions. As well as talks on different aspects of food science, there was a host of different activities that explored food and how we interact with it.

There was an exhibition marking 100 years of publicly funded food research in the UK, which is now concentrated in Norwich. Also, people got the opportunity to find out how IFR is looking at innovative ways of using food waste to make biofuels in their Biorefinery.

IFR set local schools a challenge to find out who could make the tallest jelly. Food technology, chemistry and engineering came into their own in this test of ingenuity and skill! Teams from primary, secondary and sixth form schools across Norfolk took part. Further details about the Tallest Jelly Competition can be found on the Competition's website.


Below are quotes from feedback received during and after Inside IFR:

food is really so interesting

I will never eat a mouthful of food again without thinking of IFR

I had never considered food science as a career before


Institute of Food ResearchA vital link in the food chain -