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The Institute of Food Research receives strategic funding from BBSRC

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Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation

Working with commerce

IFR undertakes science crucial to BBSRC’s Strategic Plan, to assist government and industry in addressing the challenges of food safety and security, diet and health, including obesity and healthy ageing, that we face as a nation.

We deliver IFR’s research outcomes for maximum impact through:

• Engagement with legislators, regulators and consumers, providing evidence based information on healthy lifestyles and choices.

• Engagement with the food industry and, increasingly, companies at the food/pharmaceutical interface.

Our vision is to communicate and translate our science for the benefit of society and commerce through partnerships, projects and the generation of intellectual property. We use the status of IFR as the leading independent provider of food and health research to help lead and coordinate research in this sector nationally and internationally. We also aim to expand the funding base of the Institute in order to support core science activities.

Recent funding from BBSRC through the Institute’s Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) grant will allow us to deliver our strategy which is to continue to embed a culture that is strongly supportive of KEC, innovation and enterprise and to ensure that mechanisms are available to realise our goals. Our Core Team of dedicated professional staff provide supportive mechanisms that facilitate the dialogue between science and commerce and essentially oil the wheels of the “Research Exploitation Conveyor”: The exploitation Conveyor is our description of the processes leading from fundamental research, through translational and follow-on scientific projects, Technology Strategy Board, 1:1 projects of varying scale and proof-of-principle funding to intellectual property and new products.

The expertise at IFR delivers:

  • Industrial research partnerships
  • Short term research
  • Knowledge transfer
  • IFR “Spin-out” companies
  • Intellectual property management
  • Applied troubleshooting
  • Training & advise
  • Specialist analysis
  • On-site auditing

Access IFR for business via:

  • The Food and Health Network, IFR’s knowledge transfer portal.
  • IFR Extra, a commercial subsidiary of IFR, responsible for short-term contracts, troubleshooting and specialist analysis.

Please contact Dr Reg Wilson, Deputy Director of Science Operations (,Tel: +44 (0)1603 255210) to discuss your business requirements.

The Food and Health Network 

Food and Health NetworkThe Food and Health Network under the leadership of Prof. Tim Brocklehurst engages with the food industry - IFR scientists interact with industrial colleagues in meetings which provide a unique opportunity for discussion between our diverse stakeholders and our research base dealing with many of the current controversial topics in food and health.

FHN Direct allows our scientists to engage in detailed 1:1 confidential discussions with stakeholders, particularly industry in order to understand and address the technical problems they face in developing new, healthy products – contact: Lesley Swift, Network Development Manager ( to arrange a visit.


IFR Extra

IFR ExtraIFR Extra provides, in response to industry requests, a rapid contract research and trouble shooting service to companies in the food and allied sectors.

If you have a problem, big or small, please contact us. We have experts who can help you with a wide range of problems backed up by the extensive state-of-the-art equipment at IFR.

To speak confidentially to an IFR Extra consultant or discuss your needs contact: Dr Kerry I’Anson, Head of Operations, IFR Extra (, Tel: +44 (0) 1603 255342).


Deputy Director of Science Operations

Reg Wilson

Reg Wilson

IFR's Long-term Impact

An independent report on the impact of the Institute of Food Research has shown that every £1 invested in IFR delivers £8 in benefits to the UK economy.

In generating this report, Brookdale Consulting have looked at a number of IFR projects that have had, or will have, significant impacts on both the health of the nation and on its economic strength.

Whilst the IFR is independent and receives public funding through the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council to support fundamental research into food and health, it must work alongside industry to ensure these research findings have their impact on the food we eat.

Published June 2013

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