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Keith Waldron

Research Leader

Contact Details:

Institute of Food Research,
Norwich Research Park,
Colney, Norwich,

Research interests

For the last 15 years Ihave been implementing a research strategy that focuses on the economic exploitation of food chain biomass by characterising the molecular and polymeric structural (cell wall) components and developing IP-novel approaches for their disassembly, modification and exploitation. This was initiated by research into the exploitation of food-processing waste co-products, which led to the formation of the "Sustainability of the Food Chain Exploitation Platform" and then the Biorefinery Centre at the IFR. Current research interests include development of biofuels and platform chemicals from agri-food chain waste biomass, therefore avoiding a conflict with food production. The Biorefinery Centre is closely allied with the National Collection of Yeast Cultures, also located at the IFR.


News articles

New funding puts Norwich at the heart of green technologies
18 Dec 2013
With over £5.5 million of funding over five years, researchers at the Institute of Food Research and the John Innes Centre will help make the UK a world leader in industrial biotechnology.  Four of 13 new national ‘Networks in Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy’ announced by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) will be co-led […] Read full story

Reducing food waste
22 Oct 2013
Food wasteWe undertake research in the following areas: Creating value from food waste (biofuels, platform chemicals, composts) Extending shelf-life Defining and quantifying food waste Creating value from food waste At the Institute of Food Research (IFR) we explore how food waste, from different parts of the food supply chain, could be used to make valuable products […] Read full story

Global Food Security report highlights change needed to reduce food waste
19 Sep 2013
Food wasteThe Global Food Security Programme has published a report  identifying the main research priorities needed to address the problems of food waste. Tackling food waste is a vital part of ensuring food security in the future. ‘Food Waste within Global Systems’  identifies research priorities throughout the food supply chain, from production through to consumers. Part of the […] Read full story

Process turning waste to biofuels works on paper
19 Jul 2013
biorefinerysignResearchers from the Institute of Food Research have successfully produced bioethanol from waste paper, as part of efforts to turn waste into valuable products. To increase their sustainability, there is currently a drive to turn away from deriving biofuels from food crops, such as corn and sugarcane. Bioethanol derived from waste streams from agriculture and […] Read full story

The Institute of Food Research welcomes UK funding to build world-first synthetic yeast
11 Jul 2013
Saccharomyces cerevisiae -  bakers' yeastMinister for Universities and Science David Willetts has announced nearly £1M funding for the UK arm of an international consortium attempting to build a synthetic version of the yeast genome by 2017. [BBSRC Press Release] Dr Ian Roberts, curator of the BBSRC-supported National Collection of Yeast Cultures at the Institute of Food Research is a […] Read full story

Vietnamese delegation fostering collaboration
14 Dec 2012
The Institute of Food Research hosted visitors from Vietnam, lead by the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Bui Ba Bong. The delegation was interested in IFR’s research into food safety, food bioactives and exploitation of co-products from the food chain, with a view to future collaborations and learning from […] Read full story

UK-Vietnam Workshop on Biofuels
19 Apr 2012
VietnamBiofuelsProfessor Keith Waldron has attended a UK-Vietnam Workshop on Biofuels, sponsored by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) and the British Embassy. Vietnam is a centre of rice growing and production, and the waste rice straw from this could represent a significant source of biofuels. To help in exploiting this, BBSRC set up […] Read full story

From food waste to fuel in 6 days to give zero to 60 in 3.9sec
30 Sep 2011
lotusA Biorefinery Centre was launched at the UK’s Institute of Food Research on Friday 30th September, where scientists will explore new ways to make use of residual plant material from food processing and agriculture. In collaboration with Lotus Engineering and other partners, they are addressing the challenge of producing fuel with a lower carbon footprint. […] Read full story

Recent Publications

Ryden P., Gautier A., Wellner N., Tapp H. S., Horn S. J., Eijsink V. G. H., Waldron K. W. (2014)
Changes in the composition of the main polysaccharide groups of oil seed rape straw following steam explosion and saccharification
Biomass and Bioenergy 61 121-130
Elliston A., Collins S. R. A., Wilson D. R., Roberts I. N., Waldron K. W. (2013)
High concentrations of cellulosic ethanol achieved by fed batch semi simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of waste-paper.
Bioresource Technology 134 117-126
Fava F., Zanaroli G., Vannini L., Guerzoni E., Bordoni A., Viagg D., Robertson J. A., Waldron K. W., Bald C., Esturo A., Talens C., Tueros I., Cebrián M., Sebõk A., Kuti T., Broeze J., Macias M., Brendle H. G. (2013)
New advances in the integrated management of food processing by-products in Europe: Sustainable exploitation of fruit and cereal processing by-products with the production of new foods (NAMASTE EU)
New Biotechnology 30 (6) 647-655
Holopainen-Mantila U., Marjamaa K., Merali Z., Kasper A., De Bot P., Jaaskelainen A. S., Waldron K. W., Kruus K., Tamminen T. (2013)
Impact of hydrothermal pre-treatment to chemical composition, enzymatic digestibility and spatial distribution of cell wall polymers
Bioresource Technology 138 156-162
Horn N., Wegmann U., Dertli E., Mulholland F., Collins S. R. A., Waldron K. W., Bongaerts R. J., Mayer M. J., Narbad A. (2013)
Spontaneous mutation reveals influence of exopolysaccharide on Lactobacillus johnsonii surface characteristics
PLoS ONE 10.1371/ journal.pone.0059957
Meor Hussin A. S., Collins S. R. A., Merali Z., Parker M. L., Elliston A., Wellner N., Waldron K. W. (2013)
Characterisation of lignocellulosic sugars from municipal solid waste residue
Biomass & Bioenergy 51 17-25
Merali Z., Ho J. D., Collins S. R. A., Le Gall G., Elliston E., Kasper A., Waldron K. W. (2013)
Characterization of cell wall components of wheat straw following hydrothermal pretreatment and fractionation
Bioresource Technology 131 226-234
Morris V. J., Belshaw N. J., Waldron K. W., Maxwell E. G. (2013)
The bioactivity of modified pectin fragments
Bioactive Carbohydrates and Dietary Fibre 1 (1) 21-37
Waldron K. W., Moates G. K., Merali Z., Collins S. R. A., Wilson D. R., Brocklehurst T. F., Bragg N. C., Carter S. (2013)
Retaining cell wall structure in producing quality composts to replace peat as growing media.
International Symposium on Growing Media, Composting and Substrate Analysis
1013 (X) 181-188
Balu A. M., Budarin V., Shuttleworth P. S., Pfaltzgraff L. A., Waldron K. W., Luque R., Clark J. H. (2012)
Valorisation of orange peel residues: waste to biochemicals and nanoporous materials
CHEMSUSCHEM 5 (9) 1694-1697
Lake I. R., Hooper L., Abdelhamid A., Bentham G., Boxall A. B. A., Draper A., Fairweather-Tait S., Hulme M., Hunter P. R., Nichols G., Waldron K. W. (2012)
Climate change and food security: health impacts in developed countries
Environmental and Health Perspectives 120 (11) 1520-1526
Maxwell E. G., Belshaw N., Waldron K. W., Morris V. J. (2012)
Pectin - An emerging new bioactive food polysaccharide
Trends in Food Science and Technology 24 (2) 64-73
Merali Z., Mayer M. J., Parker M. L., Michael A. J., Smith A. C., Waldron K. W. (2012)
Expression of a bacterial, phenylpropanoid metabolising enzyme in tobacco reveals essential roles of phenolic precursors in normal leaf development and growth
Physiologia Plantarum 145 (2) 260-274
Vivekanand V., Ryden P., Horn S. J., Tapp H. S., Wellner N., Eijsink V. G. H., Waldron K. W. (2012)
Impact of steam explosion on biogas production from rape straw in relation to changes in chemical composition
Bioresource Technology 123 (11) 608-615
Wood I. P., Elliston A., Ryden P., Bancroft I., Roberts I. N., Waldron K. W. (2012)
Rapid quantification of reducing sugars in biomass hydrolysates: Improving the speed and precision of the dinitrosalicylic acid assay
Biomass & Bioenergy 44 117-121
Zhao X., Elliston A., Collins S. R. A., Moates G. K., Coleman M. J., Waldron K. W. (2012)
Enzymatic saccharification of duckweed (Lemna minor) biomass without thermophysical pretreatment
Biomass & Bioenergy 47 354-361

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