Prof. Claudio Nicoletti

Research Leader



Gut Health and Food Safety Programme

Research Areas

Gut Health

My main interest is in understanding the complex interplay between the intestinal epithelium and immune system, with emphasis on dendritic cells (DC), and how these help in establishing and maintaining the correct intestinal immune homeostasis.

Building on our key observation that epithelial cells influence mucosal DC mobilisation and function in the intestine, our work aims to define the molecular basis of intestinal epithelial cell-DC interactions and their biological consequences for epithelial barrier function, gut health and immunity. Our work has established that these interactions are critical to generate rapid, effective and finely tuned mucosal and systemic immune response to food-borne pathogens and food components.

This work is paralleled by the investigation of the role of probiotics in the regulation of mucosal immune responses and their potential in suppressing allergic reactions and as delivery vectors for therapeutics. Our approach encompasses the use a wide variety of in vitro organ and mixed cell culture systems and in vivo transgenic (including germ free) mouse models in conjunction with imaging modalities.

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