Dr Jan Claesen

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Gut Health

The Claesen group aims to functionally characterise molecular mechanisms that control bacterial community structure and dynamics in the human microbiome. Bacteria use small molecule chemicals to mediate intra- and interspecies interactions.

All genetic information required for the production of these molecules is typically encoded in one physical location of the bacterial chromosome, in biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs). We identified several widespread families of BGCs that are predicted to contribute to colonisation and inter-species competition.

Our hypothesis is that commensal bacteria from the microbiome use the products of these BGCs in interactions that modulate community composition.

The areas of expertise in the Claesen group include microbiology, genetics and SynBio, small molecule biosynthesis and biochemistry. We are a multidisciplinary, international team of skilled researchers and would love to hear from prospective students and postdocs, as well as collaborators interested in our science.

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