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My research group at IFR manages the development of the UK food composition database and related activities in close co-operation with the Food Standards Agency and other stakeholders.

I am also Director of the EuroFIR (European Food Information Resource), a non-profit international Association, which supports use of existing food composition data and future resources through cooperation and harmonization of data quality, functionality and global standards. Responsibilities include the overall delivery of this Network of Excellence to the European Commission including further development and exploitation of specific outputs including databank systems and software to deliver food composition information (including labelling) to a variety of users including industry, consumers and regulators.

Another area of interest for me is in understanding the mechanisms by which natural dietary folates and folic acid, consumed as part of the diet, contribute to the maintenance and promotion of health.  My aim is to provide the evidence to underpin re-evaluation of folate requirements, and dietary advice to promote optimal health and aging.

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