Prof. Pete Wilde

Research Leader



Food & Health Programme

Research Areas

Food & Health

My main research interest has been studying the interfacial properties of surface-active food components. The aim is to determine how molecular interfacial behaviour can explain bulk functional behaviour (i.e. foam and emulsion stability). The main focus has been to understand how proteins adsorb at interfaces, what structural changes take place and how this affects interfacial tension, interfacial rheology, adsorbed layer dynamics and subsequent foam and emulsion properties.

My current research is focussed on studying the fundamental mechanisms that control the texture breakdown and digestion of food emulsion systems in order to develop strategies for improving the nutritional impact of food emulsions. These include fundamental studies on how interfacial layers control emulsion rheology to develop novel fat reduction strategies, the design of interfacial structures which slow lipid digestion in order to promote satiety and understanding the physicochemical role played by the salivary film in perceiving fat content in emulsions.

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