Prof. Simon Carding

Research Leader



Gut Health and Food Safety Programme

Research Areas

Gut Health

Current research interests are, defining the link between the mucosal immune system, dendritic cells (DC) and lipid metabolism using a novel experimental model of obesity, the role autophagy plays in intestinal epithelial cell homeostasis, barrier function and mucosal immune responses to commensal and pathogenic microbes, the nature of mucosal immune cell (iIEL)-microbiota interactions in establishing and maintaining a healthy intestinal microbiome while mounting immediate response to food‑borne pathogens, regulation of epithelial tight junctions and the maintenance of intestinal barrier function, interkingdom macromolecule exchange in microbe-host crosstalk and the establishment of mutualism in the GI-tract, development of novel strategies to treat and prevent chronic intestinal inflammation and IBD using SMART bacteria and novel foods, immune tolerance and implant rejection and, immunosenescence and diet.

In 2008 I took up the position of Professor of Mucosal Immunology at UEA-MED and leader of the Gut Biology Research Programme, which eventually became part of the Gut Health and Food Safety (GHFS) Programme. The GHFS programme comprises 13 research groups led by individual group leaders that cover a broad area of gut biology including epithelial cell physiology and epigenetics, mucus and glycobiology, mucosal immunology, commensal microbiology, foodborne bacterial pathogens, and mathematical modelling and bioinformatics.

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