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Computational Microbiology at the Institute of Food Research

Growth Predictor & Perfringens Predictor

Growth Predictor is a web application that provides a set of models for predicting the growth of the organisms as a function of environmental factors, including temperature, pH and water activity. Some models also include an additional, fourth factor, such as the concentration of carbon dioxide or acetic acid. No survival or death models are included in the current version of Growth Predictor.

Perfringens Predictor is a web application that provides a prediction of growth of Clostridium perfringens during the cooling of meats.The input is temperature and the output is viable count of C. perfringens.

You can access Growth Predictor and Perfringens Predictor in the ComBase Predictive Models web site.

If you have any general enquiries regarding this software please contact IFR via email: