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Salmonella predictions

An Excel add-in to predict Salmonella spp. in food environments

The Salmonella_Predictions.xls Excel add-in has been developed at the Institute of Food Research, Norwich, UK under European funding (BIOTRACER project). The software is a complementing tool for bio-tracing in the pork chain by predicting the dependence of Salmonella concentration on the environment.

Probabilistic and kinetics models are combined to give predictions on the concentration of Salmonella spp. at any stage of the pork chain under fluctuating pH, Aw and/or temperature. Predictions can be obtained between 0-30°C, 2.5 - 7 pH  and 0.78-1 for Aw. Data to fit the models were obtained from the ComBase database.

Reference to cite when using the program

Carmen Pin, Gaspar Avendaño-Perez, Elena Cosciani-Cunico, Natalia Gómez-Tomé, Antonia Gounadakic, George-John Nychas, Panos Skandamis and Gary Barker. 2011. Modelling Salmonella concentration throughout the pork chain by considering growth and survival in fluctuating conditions of temperature, pH and Aw. International Journal of Food Microbiology, 145: S96-S102.


  • Click here to download the Salmonella Predictions software
  • Click here to download the Salmonella Predictions User Manual