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Computational Microbiology at the Institute of Food Research

Dr József BaranyiDr József Baranyi

Research Leader

  • Mathematician, working on modelling microbial responses to food environments. Joined the Institute of Food Research in 1990.
  • Leader of the Computational Microbiology Research Group
  • Author or co-author of some 50 refereed research papers and edited chapters, with a total citation > 2500. The Baranyi model on bacterial growth is one of the most frequently quoted models in predictive food microbiology.
  • Invited speaker and scientific committee member in numerous international conferences.
  • Has been coordinating and participating in several projects funded by UK government, EU and industry. Invited expert on UK and EC projects and panels.
  • Statistical advisor of Journal of Applied Microbiology 1996 - 2010
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Applied and Environmental Microbiology since 1998
  • Editor, BMC Microbial Informatics and Experimentation, since 2010

Main interests:

  • Dynamic modelling of bacterial growth, survival and death.
  • Modelling microbial complexity.
  • Databases on microbial responses to the food environment - see ComBase

Selected publications:

Le Marc Y, Skandamis PN, Belessi CIA, Merkouri, George SI, Gounadaki AS Schvartzman S, Jordan K, Drosinos EH and Baranyi J. (2010). Modeling the Effect of Abrupt Acid and Osmotic Shifts within the Growth Region and across Growth Boundaries on Adaptation and Growth of Listeria monocytogenes. Appl.Env.Microbiol 76. 99-2240.

Baranyi J., George, S. and Kutalik Z. (2009). Parameter estimation for the distribution of single cell lag times. J.Theor.Biol. 258.

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